Move My Car

Open Auto Transport
The most common way of transporting automobiles. Typical transports can carry 8 or more vehicles.
Enclosed Transport
A fully enclosed transport is ideal for transporting rare or expensive vehicles that need to be protected from weather, road grime, and hazards. This mode of transport is more expensive, but offers better protection.
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Department of Transportation
Better Business Bureau
BOL (Bill of Lading)
The Bill of Lading is the receipt for your vehicle and the contract for its transportation. Be sure to understand the Bill of Lading before to signing it. Your driver will have you sign off on the inspection report for your vehicle that is part of your BOL before and after shipping.
Binding Estimate
A binding agreement made with the carrier in before the vehicle is picked up for shipment. This guarantees the total charges of the transportation of the vehicle based on services and conditions listed in the estimate.
Non-Binding Estimate
An initial quote based on preliminary information. This estimate is not binding.
Cash on Delivery
The company providing the transportation of your vehicle
Order for Service
Also known as a Bill of Lading
Storage in Transit
Shuttle Service
Occasionally referred to as a Bin Center. A secure storage location for vehicle in transit if not transported on one truck from the point of origination to destination.
American Trucking Associations
Automobile’s return trip
Pickup and delivery rates
Separate transportation charges sometimes applicable for transporting your vehicle between Storage in Transit and your place of delivery.